AquaLume Black Rubber Automatic

"Life's a beach!" But why frolic in the shallows when you can dive into the deep blue yonder with the AquaLume? Equipped with a luminous dial that's designed to illuminate the unexplored depths. This isn't just a timepiece; it's your trusty co-adventurer, built for those who prefer Neptune's kingdom over terra firma. With a staggering 500m depth capacity, AquaLume shatters boundaries and lights up your way into the mysterious aquatic world, because who wants limitations when there's so much to explore?
Japanese TMI NH35A Automatic Winding Mechanism
12 Month Warranty from purchase date
Case Width - 43mm excl. crown (51mm incl. crown & crown guard) Case Thickness - 16.5mm incl. crystal
Case - Grade II Titanium Lens - Double Dome Sapphire Crystal

Neptune's Guiding Star

AquaLume's luminous dial is a game-changer. This glow-in-the-dark marvel takes you on an underwater spectacle, shedding light in the darkest corners of the sea. Your aquatic adventures just got a whole lot brighter. Whether you're planning a night dive or exploring the deep, AquaLume's luminous dial is your personal beacon in the aquatic world.

Dive Deeper, Fear Not

Embrace the depths with confidence. AquaLume doesn't just test the waters – it dominates them. With an impressive 500m depth capacity, it defies the ocean's pressure, allowing you to dive into the fascinating abyss without any fear. From coral cathedrals to the vibrant world of sea creatures, nothing remains unseen.