Redefine Time
with Color

Introducing the Midnight Prism Limited Edition by UNDONE. A luminous fusion of innovation and timeless elegance.

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The Prism Difference

Midnight Prism shines in a sea of sameness. Rainbow hues, 3D gradients, and tradition combine. Its charm? Undeniable.

Dazzling Distinction

Embrace the unmatched rainbow-colored design, highlighting your unparalleled style and flair.

Luminous Precision

Clear time readability, even in dim settings, ensuring both style and functionality converge.

Speed and Style

An iconic bezel lets you estimate speed and distance, wrapped up in sleek design.

Dual Elegance

Track your day with the intuitive layout, a blend of form and function on your wrist.

Sturdy Aesthetics

Perfect for both casual and elegant occasions, this watch is as durable as it is stylish.

Elegant Resilience

Enjoy the beauty of a smooth sweeping second hand combined with the robustness of quartz.

Midnight's Mechanics

TMI VK64 Meca-Quartz HybridMovement

Experience consistent reliability of quartz with the tactile feel of a mechanical watch.

Rattrapante (Flyback) Functionality

For multitaskers and sports enthusiasts, time multiple events with precision.

Premium Black Leather Strap

Comfort meets elegance, completing your attire with finesse.

Perfect Fit: 42mm Case Size Unveiled

With its 42mm case, the Midnight Prism offers a blend of statement and comfort.

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Sport Speedy’s Legacy

Inspired by the golden age of motorsports, the Midnight Prism evokes the spirit of the iconic Sport Speedy chronograph.Melding historic racing prestige with today's design finesse, it symbolises a timeless journey from racetracks to modern elegance. Experience the blend of speed, style, and legacy.

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