Vintage Pistachio Crisp

Experience a fresh burst of summer with the Pistachio Crisp timepiece. Capturing the lively hues of a lush pistachio grove bathed in warm sunlight, this watch is your personal snapshot of summer bliss. The tranquil pistachio-green dial shimmers in the light, each piece narrating a unique tale of sunny days and cool breezes. It's like a delightful piece of a vibrant summer forest, right on your wrist. Ideal for those glowing moments when you want to soak in the season's energy. This isn't just a watch, it's your bottled summer vibrance. Dive in!
Japanese TMI VK64 Mechanical-Quartz Hybrid Flyback Chronograph
12 Month Warranty from purchase date
Case Width - 40mm excl. crown Case Thickness - 12.7mm incl. crystal
Case - 316L Stainless Steel Lens - Hardened Domed K1 Crystal

Vintage Pistachio CrispVintage Pistachio Crisp

Pistachio Crystal Dial: Chill of the First Order

Feast your eyes on the Pistachio Crisp dial, a sublime shade of green that's as cool as a summer mojito. It's a hue that packs a punch, yet remains chill - a stunning contradiction on your wrist. With each tick, it's like stepping into a refreshing, green oasis, letting you escape the heat in the coolest way possible.

Art of Time with Breguet Numerals

These Breguet numerals, dude, they're the real deal in the vintage game. Stylish, classic, they're like that epic track that's always got the room grooving. But when they dance on our Arctic Chill or Pistachio Crisp, it's a fresh spin that cranks the vibe up to eleven. It's your shot to sport an enduring classic that's got its groove on with a modern beat.