How our watches are made


Inspired by watch aficionados

We collaborate face-to-face with creatives who see the potential in our watches as a canvas on which they can express their original ideas. Sketches become prototypes in our lab, which are extensively tested, altered and perfected for production.

Putting pen to paper: our team of talented designers and horology buffs work their magic

Pooling creative minds to bring you countless customization options when it comes to designing your own watch face, case and more.


Creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary

Components we use are carefully curated and are made from quality materials like 316L steel and LEXAN polycarbonate. We develop some watch parts in-house, and others are supplied by the same manufacturers that many Swiss labels work with. When you design your own wristwatch with us, you'll be getting all these quality components.

Silkscreen printing our Basecamp bezels
Softening the metal in 1000ºC heat for molding
QC of sapphire crystals used in our Aqua models


Make it next-level personal

Are you ready to design your own watch? We believe that individuality matters, so we've pioneered the first online watch customizer for you to build your own timepiece with endless combinations of patterns, colors and textures. It’s your wrist, your style, your story - that’s why we’ve put the task of designing your own watch in your hands.

There are truly no limits when it comes to customizing your own watch with us. We want it to become an extension of your arm which becomes second nature to wear and gives you an opportunity to express your individualism.

Working hand-in-hand with companies like Cerakote and ceramic coating specialists, we’re able to offer countless premium options. Our Aqua cases, for example, are available in an array of unique colors and finishes that give you absolute free reign over the design and customization of your own wristwatch.


Individually custom-made

After we’ve received your order, our expert watchmakers start putting it all together. Dials can be adorned with your initials, casebacks engraved or printed with your pictures - the watch you’ve designed on your own is brought to life.

All hands on deck: casing up one of our popular Urban models

Add your own caseback image for an extra personal touch

Final Review

From our hands back to yours

Rest assured. The watch you customized on your own is thoroughly tested onsite to ensure it meets all the quality standards, going through one final review before being packaged and delivered to you.
UNDONE. Uniquely yours.

The UNDONE Lab: where your watches are assembled

Final QC for a smooth timekeeping experience

Under pressure: the Aqua undergoing 200m water resistance testing