You order. We build.

Every customer is unique, and so is their watch. We’re keen to understand the individual’s requests, that is why there’s no third party, no middleman; only you and us. We only start building your watch after you order one.

Easy to order.

Browse, customize, and complete your purchase with ease on our website. Fun is what’s important when shopping at UNDONE, and as shopping should be. Here’s what happens behind the scenes:


You browse and order the watch of your choice. You can choose from an existing preset or customize your own with our comprehensive customizer.


We study your customization requests and put the watch together accordingly.


The watch is then placed through strict quality control to make sure that nothing is out of place.


The finished product is then securely packed, and shipped to you swiftly via our trusted shipping partners.

Put together byprofessionals.

There’s a person behind every UNDONE watch. Our team of expert watchmakers, who work under the same roof as us, put together the pieces with skilled hands and the utmost attention to detail. We guarantee the craftsmanship and quality of our watches.

Your watch.Built from scratch

Every watch at UNDONE is built by hand from scratch. In other words, it’s made to order, just like at a tailor’s. There’s no stock, zero waste; only responsible production.

Choose from thousands of combinations.

Mass production is never a thing at UNDONE. Every watch is dedicated to an individual (individuality matters!). That is why we created the watch customizer. Choose from an extensive list of watch parts and enjoy thousands of different combinations, as well as engravings and initials on your watch. Yours could be the one and only piece in the world.