Basecamp STEALTH

Dark Evolution

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An Immaculate Dark Hue

The Basecamp Collection celebrates the spirit of exploration. Basecamp Stealth delves into the allure of darkness: from deep caves to vast night skies, capturing its enigmatic essence.

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The vip launch offer

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Free Strap Nest for
your new timepiece

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Extra Black
Cordura Strap

Elegance Engineered

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Blackened Beauty

Admire a matte black vintage steel case.This black-plated marvel isn’t just about looks; it’s about resilience tailored for the discerning wrist.

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Carbon Elegance

The carbon fiber-styled dial offers a distinct texture and layered appearance, creating a visual spectacle that draws the eyeand celebrates detail.

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Strap Signature

Your watch, your statement.The Basecamp Stealth’s array of strap options ensures your timepiece is an extension of your unique style and identity.

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Synced & Sophisticated

With the trusty NH34's GMT function, juggle time zones effortlessly. A nod to the globe trotting enthusiast who demands precision.

Precision Crafted

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Black Ceramic GMT Bezel

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40mm Black Plated
316L Stainless Steel

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Automatic NH34 GMT
with Black & Red Date

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Water Resistance


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Depth Beyond

The Basecamp Stealth transcends mere aesthetics, drawing inspirationfrom the profound depthand resilience embodiedby the color black and the intricate weave of carbonfiber—a symbol of enduring strength and sophistication.

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