AquaLume Automatic

"Life's a beach!" But why frolic in the shallows when you can dive into the deep blue yonder with the AquaLume? Equipped with a luminous dial that's designed to illuminate the unexplored depths. This isn't just a timepiece; it's your trusty co-adventurer, built for those who prefer Neptune's kingdom over terra firma. With a staggering 500m depth capacity, AquaLume shatters boundaries and lights up your way into the mysterious aquatic world, because who wants limitations when there's so much to explore?
Japanese TMI NH35A Automatic Winding Mechanism
12 Month Warranty from purchase date
Case Width - 43mm excl. crown (51mm incl. crown & crown guard) Case Thickness - 16.5mm incl. crystal
Case - Grade II Titanium Lens - Double Dome Sapphire Crystal


Venture into the ocean's depths with AquaLume. Experience marine exploration like never before.

Visibility Unleashed

Dive deeper into unexplored territories with AquaLume. Featuring a high-visibility luminous dial, this timepiece ensures nothing stays hidden in the dark. Experience underwater clarity like never before with AquaLume, the ultimate tool for deep sea exploration.

Style Meets Brilliance

Underwater adventure gets a radiant makeover with AquaLume. Its glowing dial, besides being a functional wonder, also adds a mesmerizing aesthetic to your timepiece. Whether you're swimming among coral reefs or simply showing off your style, let AquaLume's dial be your radiant companion.

Strap for the Bold

Meet the Shadow Blaze Strap. A perfect union of Cordura Fabric's durability and Signal Orange Silicone's flexibility. This 100% waterproof strap guarantees both comfort and endurance, whatever your journey may be.

Your Watch, Your Style

Expand your style options with AquaLume. Now available with white and black rubber straps. Choose the variant that

suits your style best and elevate your timepiece game with AquaLume.